Did you know that the roulette was discovered due to…

... toothache. French mathematician Blaise Pascal was a very sickly person. And following the recommendation of doctors, he started visiting gambling houses to relax and relieve tension. It was there that the theory of probability affecting the loss of a combination in the dices appeared in his mind. Suffering from a toothache, he started considering the probability of winning the lotto. Over time, lotto tickets transformed into roulette cells. Read more interesting facts about gambling on our blog!

Did you know that transparent poker cards exist?

A new product called "Poker Face" was released for sale by Molla Space. With their help, you can play poker by constantly watching your opponent, even looking at your cards. It is possible due to the particular lattice structure of the cards, which makes them almost transparent. 

Or imagine playing blackjack with giant cards, namely, 129.54 cm by 93.98 cm! Such a deck really exists and was created for the anniversary of the Viejas Casino in Alpine (California) on September 12, 2013. Moreover, these cards were used for this game and entered the Guinness Book of Records!

If you are very lucky once, you will undoubtedly get lucky again!

A Croatian music teacher named Frane Selak survived in 7 near-death accidents (he survived a train wreck, air accident at high altitude, a bus crash, was hit by a bus, and also experienced several traffic accidents). In 2003, on his 73rd birthday, he won € 800,000 in a lottery due to the first lottery ticket he had ever bought. Then, he gave most of his fortune to charity with the words: “Money cannot buy happiness.” And do you consider yourself a lucky person? Be sure to try your luck at one of our casinos!

What do you think, is it possible to win four cars for just like that during two months?

It turns out it is. Fortune smiled upon an American woman playing at the Thunder Valley casino. This gambling house held a give away of 8 cars, and half of them went to a Sacramento resident. 
First, Salina scooped up a Mercedes priced at $ 47,000, and a week later she won Lexus worth $ 43,000. At that, the happy American went on to be on a roll, and she grabbed two more pickups. The gambling house representatives confirmed this significant fact and said Salina had played an honest game. Could you do it by yourself?

Can a blind player participate in a poker tournament? It turned out that he can!

And such a player was Hal Lubarsky, who visited the World Series of Poker in 2007. He even managed to reach the top places and take 197th place, with no vision.
He lost sight as a child but didn’t lose his desire to play poker. And he was able to develop his own playing style. He got an assistant, who told him his pocket cards, and cards on the board, and he also trained him to read opponents' faces. Through an intermediary, Lyubarsky managed to understand the cards on hand. 
Administration WSOP tried to prevent him from playing by banning the presence of any assistants at the gaming table. Hal listened to the arguments and calmly said that the next day his lawyer would bring the action to the court for discrimination against people with disabilities, and finally, their full prize pool would go to pay compensation for his moral damage and court costs, unless they make exceptions for him.
The organizers quickly realized that it would be more expensive to deal with such a dedicated pla…

What are the most common gambling mistakes that people make while playing casino games?

If you want to be successful in casino games, you should start by avoiding the most popular mistakes that gamblers usually do while playing. With a little knowledge, you can quickly get rid of them and earn much more. The list of mistakes includes:

•    The idea that results in games have a consistent pattern. Instead, they are independent of each other: the future flip has nothing to do with the previous rounds.
•    A foggy notion of the game and the house edge. Thus, if you choose American roulette, you should not expect the same payouts as in the European version.
•    Alcohol abuse during the game. It can impair your judgment and lead to wrong decisions.
•    Exceeding the bankroll. We recommend you to set aside a half of your winnings that can guarantee that you leave the table earning at least the money you started the game with.

The question of the house edge in games is essential when you want to earn money in a casino.

According to research, baccarat has the lowest house edge of 0,8 %. If we take into account the simple rules of the game, it is highly recommended for beginners. Craps is appropriate for earning money in a casino as well because the house edge is 1,06 %.

Experienced players can try their luck in blackjack and video poker, but these games require skills and the right strategy. Fans of roulette should choose the European version with the house edge of 2,70 % that is much more profitable than the American one. The results in slots are unpredictable and based on the RNGs. The payouts usually range between 85 % and 96 % to gamblers in the long term. If you are looking to receive regular returns on your investments, you should avoid lotteries, keno, and scratch-offs with their infrequent payouts.